” Interview with “MAVARA

Welcome to Nevaak.
Before we start, can you please introduce yourselves to our readers? (the name of the band, the meaning of the name, when you started, name of the members, music genre, number of albums)
We are Mavara and it means beyond everything you think or imagine.  Farhoud Ghadiri, the founder of the band started Mavara in the fall of 2001.
Our bands Member are
Ashkan Hamedi : Vocal
Arash Radan : Guitar Electric
Farhood Ghadidi : Synthesizer and Keyboard
Anis Oveisi : Keyboard and Piano
Sina Khodaefar : Bass Guitar and
Khashaiar Ravangar : Drums.
We consider ourselves as a progressive and neo progressive rock band. We have so far released 3 albums and one single.
1. The first album (Ultimate Sound) released in 2006
2. Then we released our tracks as singles
3. Our second album (Forgotten Inside) was released in 2009
4. Now we are recording our third album (Season of Salvation) which is almost ready to be released.
1. In what languages do you sing your songs and why?
The first album and the singles were in Persian but the second and third album has English lyrics. Before releasing the second album we decided to change the language of our lyrics to English to expand our horizon and our fan base as well as new audience from different nations. In fact we want to be recognized as an international band
2. What are the subjects of your lyrics? Do you talk about personal issues, social issues ?
The contents of our lyrics are more about super natural, philosophical and social matters and sometimes it is about humanity which is forgotten.
3. With what internationally known bands do you identify your style of music?
We think our music has its own character but many of audiences and critics say that we sound like Pink Floyd, Marillion, Penderagon and Riverside but that is OK because Mavara plays progressive rock and all of these bands play in this genre.
4. How many other bands in your genre (that you know) are in Iran and what types of difficulties do you face for performance or even promotion of your music?
I don’t know how many bands, in our genre of music are active in Iran at the present time but there were several bands that unfortunately were disbanded. But there are a lot of bands with different rock genres active in Iran (not in Progressive rock music). With regards to performances In Iran we face a lot of issues. The first and biggest issue is the censorship and complete lack of understanding of the different genres of music by the authorities.
Here in Iran for every single performance we have to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance. And we get stuck there since from the point of view of the Ministry Rock Music is prohibited. Now since they do not understand the classification of music genre just mentioning the word “Rock” will get musicians in trouble.
So to answer your question in a very short sentence I should say “we face insurmountable difficulties for performing our music in Iran.” Furthermore there are no music labels in Iran that concentrate on Rock music genre and thus we have to release our works abroad or release them underground on very limited numbers.
5. How do you choose the names to your tracks? What parameters do you use?
We choose the name of our songs in different ways, we choose it from the word in lyrics or from the feelings which is hidden in lyrics contents like “Old pain” and “Something is Lost” or sometimes we have Idea about a song then we write the lyrics like the song “Season of Salvation.”
6. What is the procedure that you usually go through when composing a new piece? Is everything written by Farhoud or do you have a jam session and come up with melodies and progression together?
Every albums of Mavara has a different story in the song writing. In the first album Farhood Ghadiri created all of the songs but in the second album Frahood , Ashkan and Sina wrote the songs together. Some of the other tracks in the album “Forgotten Inside” were composed individually by the members and the songs in “Season of Salvation” were the result of jam sessions.
7. Can you talk about your new album and let us know what types of collaborations you had on it?
“Season of Salvation” album includes 12 tracks with a total time of it is about 63 minutes. The subject of these albums is mainly about humanity and living in the modern society and the Human persuit of finding and going to a Golden age. The music has a harsher tone and rythmically it is more upbeat than “Forgotten Inside”. All of the members of Mavara were involved in the composition, arrangement and performing of the album as a team.
8. When are you going to release it and where?
We are now planning to release the album in 2013. We are now negotiating with several labels both in Iran and in the US for production and promotion of the album.
9. What are your plans for performance in 2012-2013?
In October this year we are planning to have a concert in Tehran. In this concert we will be playing all of the music from “Season of Salvation.” We are also speaking to some of our contacts in Europe to find gigs in Europe and are hopeful to find a promoter in the US to have performances over there as well. We don’t have any plans for 2013 yet.
10. What would be your ideal situation in the music world? What are you striving for?
We would like more people in the world like progressive rock music and they more pay attention to music and lyrics rather than to fast food music.  We would like to get connected with our audience without any medium (direct contact). The ideal situation for us is when we can produce, perform and promote our music worldwide without any social restrictions, without any permits, without any censorship.
Thank you very much for your time.

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  1. من متوجه نشدم، این مصاحبه کی انجام شده بود؟توی ایران بود؟مصاحبه کننده و مصاحبه شونده کیا بودند؟
    کلا ترجمه اش فکر نمیکنم بیش از نیم ساعت طول بکشه، میشد یکم بیشتر واسه خواننده هاتون ارزش قائل بودید و نیم ساعت بیشتر روش کار می کردید. بیشتر شبیه کپی-پیست کردن از سایتای دیگه بود که واقعا امیدوارم که اینجور نبوده باشه.

    • سلام علی جان
      ، متشکرم از توجه ات، راستش ما با گروه ماورا قبلا مصاحبه فارسی داشتیم
      این مصاحبه به درخواست خود گروه ماورا در استودیو ی ما یعنی گروه نواک انجام شده و بیشتر برای مخاطبین انگلیسی زبان هستش
      این هم لینک فارسی گروه ماورا

      بازهم از توجه و علاقه ات ممنونم

      سارا فقیه نصیری
      از گروه نواک

  2. ممنون از جوابتون سارا جان. من بیش از اینکه از زباان مطلب گلایه داشته باشم از نبود هر گونه اطلاعاتی راجع به این مصاحبه ناراحتم. چرا هیچ مقدمه ای راجع به شرایط مصاحبه، افراد حاضر، محل، زمان و…در پستتون قرار ندادین؟به نظرم اینطور مطالب اصلا در شأن سایت وزینتون نیست و به این شکل هم به خواننده و هم به خود گروه ماورا کم لطفی کردید.
    و یه مطلب دیگه. من متوجه نشدم، مگر سایت شما بخش انگلیسی هم داره که خواننده انگلیسی زبان داشته باشه؟

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